KNAP-ON aplikacija – Inspiracija

KNAP-ON aplikacija


The Knap-on mobile application guides visitors along the cultural and industrial heritage trails of Trbovlje, Slovenska Bistrica, Labin and Rijeka. This is a game for an individual or a group who wants to discover the unique attractions of places in an active way, by performing fun tasks and challenges.

The application must be installed on a smartphone or tablet and the journey must be completed as soon as possible. For faster and safer exploration, the app also offers a map with a highlighted area and locations included in the game.

Game works with help of GPS installed in mobile phone. In case you don’t want to use GPS you can’t use the game. Data from locations are not logged.

To get an aplication to work you have to be in the city in which the application is meant to play and the game can begin (GPS location).


The Knap-on mobile application was developed as part of the projec INSPIRATION, in the cooperation program Interreg V-A Slovenia – Croatia 2014-2020.

The application is free.

Android users install it through the Google Play Store.

For iOS users (from iOS version 12.0 forward) the installation is available on App Store.


You are invited to an active and unforgettable exploration of the heritage of industrial places!